Classic Lash Extensions


A full set can take 60-90 minutes depending on how many natural lashes you have. Fills can take 60-75 minutes. With classic lash extensions the method used is 1:1 (one false lash to one natural lash)  


Full Sets  $100

Fills  $50--Must have at least 30% of lashes on to count as a fill!  Otherwise it's a full set!


My name is Melissa Kingsbury, I've been lashing since March 2012 and I still LOVE it!  Getting to do this for my job is such a blessing! 


*We custom-match and design each set of extensions to match your eyes, so that your new lashes can be as thick and full as you would like.

*Since they are applied one-to-one to your existing eyelashes, this ensures a much longer, more authentic look.

*They are water-proof!

*They look and feel natural.